Teacher Evaluation Micro-Credential

Learn how your peers are approaching the new world of teacher evaluation through useful tools and strategies, ranging from music-friendly student learning objectives (SLOs) to engaging observation practices. This credential will include a study of NAfME’s Building and Evaluating Effective Music Education workbooks, recently updated to reflect the new 2014 Music Standards.

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Required Sessions

  • Monday, 8:00 A.M. John Wayman – “We do this already!” – Teachers & Data: Support Your Teaching and Student Growth
    Evaluation is a two way conversation not only for your students, but you and your administrators. Administrators, more often than not, do not speak the language of music; therefore, it is our responsibility to learn how to effectively communicate and support the success of our teaching in a language they can understand…data.


  • Tuesday, 9:15 A.M. Ann M. Deisler  – edTPA and Other Teacher Certification Tests: Helpful Hints
    This session will provide a brief overview of the edTPA teacher certification testing and other standard certification tests expected of teacher candidates nationwide. Practical, helpful hints on preparation, implementation and keys to success will be discussed. 


  • Wednesday 9:15 A.M. Cynthia Streznewski  – Demystifying Music SLOs (Student Learning Objectives)
    Come on a journey to demystify Music SLOs (Student Learning Objectives).  As Music Educators we continually track student progress, whether in general, instrumental or choral music classes.  We will start with the National Core Arts Standards and move through Curriculum with Common Units and Assessment pieces that support SMART Goals and SLOs.  Learn how to take a specific music learning goal and standard measure to track student progress towards a variety of music goals.  Improve your Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation that is based on your SLOs.

Required Readings

Required Webinars

Suggested Additional Resources

Along with the required sessions, webinar, and readings, in order to complete and earn the micro-credential, participants will need to:

  1. Take an assessment—a brief multiple-choice test—to show that they have retained content covered by the in-depth training and readings.
  2. Submit a brief action plan to demonstrate that they have thought about how to put their learning into action via the plan submission.

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