Advocacy Micro-Credential

This year’s advocacy micro-credential will focus on what you can do as a music educator to create a realistic and useful advocacy plan for your school and community. Featured sessions include handy tools you can use to create that action plan, as well as the time to learn from others engaged in high-quality local advocacy.

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Required Sessions

  • Monday, 1:00 P.M. Scott Sheehan and Chris Woodside – Advocacy in Action: Advancing Music Education
    Given the current political landscape, every music educator must be an advocate now more than ever!  During this workshop teachers will create a successful grassroots advocacy plan to ensure that ALL students have access to a quality music education by examining ways to tap into NAfME’s resources and capitalize on music’s importance in the ESSA legislation.  Participants will complete an “advocacy inventory” of their own teaching situations and will engage in rich discussion about the issues surrounding the path forward for music education.


  • Tuesday, 4:45 P.M. Glenn  Nierman- Using the OTL Standards to Inventory Your Secondary Choral/Instrumental Program
    The 2014 Revised National Music Standards outline a bold new direction for many middle school/high school music programs. Is your program ready to offer students a chance to achieve the outcomes that the Standards advocate to lead toward music literacy for students? Does your program offer opportunities to engage a different and broader segment of the student body in musical encounters? This session will offer participants the opportunity to self-evaluate their programs in the areas of scheduling, staffing, curriculum, facilities, and equipment based on the standards outlined in NAfME’s Opportunity-to-Learn Standards (2015).


  • Wednesday, 8:00 A.M. Jennifer Mohr Colett and Carolyn Talarr – Partnering for Effective Music Education Advocacy
    Who has the power to make a difference for students and improve access to quality music education in their neighborhood schools?  *You do* — but you can’t do it alone!  In this session, you’ll learn how to identify and connect with stakeholders who will join together with you to take action in support of a complete education for every child. By understanding the dynamics of local governmental institutions and practicing a few simple grassroots organizing techniques, you’ll be ready to ignite a homegrown music revolution!

Required Readings

Required Webinars

Suggested Additional Resources

Along with the required sessions, webinar, and readings, in order to complete and earn the micro-credential, participants will need to:

  1. Take an assessment—a brief multiple-choice test—to show that they have retained content covered by the in-depth training and readings.
  2. Submit a brief action plan to demonstrate that they have thought about how to put their learning into action via the plan submission.

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